Increment midi tracks

Oh dear, I seem to have forgotten the hotkey that lets you take 16 midi tracks and automatically increment them from channels 1-16. I can’t find it in the manual…

I think if you just go and create them all at once via a right click that’s what happens… or add a shortcut for

Add Track>MIDI

nice thanks! However, that would be a good feature request don’t you think? I use another app called VE Pro and you can hold the alt key and it will increment the channels for you automatically.

You prefer a method with more keystrokes?

How about creating a shortcut with a key right next to the Enter key, and you can just hit one, then the other ad infinitum. It always increments already.

Well if you had the MIDI tracks already named and wanted to preserve the names, creating new midi tracks wouldn’t be less keystrokes. I’ll make a macro for “add 16 midi tracks”.

Oh, I see. The Cubase way to do that would be via the Logical Editor.