Incremental MIDI parts renaming ?

Hi, all

I have a MIDI part naming issue : let’s say that I have a track named TruePianos with just one part that I want to split to rearrange the whole thing. Splitting it in three leads to the following part names :


… which is not really convenient, especially when the amount of parts increases, and having to rename each one via the info line is a workflow killer, as I usually hide it (takes too much vertical space for a limited usefulness, IMO). So, is there a way to get this instead or something similar (with a incrementing number which allows to distinguish the different parts one from the others) ?


I thought that there could be something in the preferences, the Projet settings or the Project logical editor which would allow this, but I still haven’t found it. So, if anyone has a clue…

Thanks in advance.

Project Logical Editor
ActionTarget=Name, Operation=Generate Name

Thanks for your answer…

I knew this one. The problem with it is that I have to re-type, for each track, its name in the ‘parameter 1’ field in the ‘Action’ frame. I have set, in the project logical editor, the following statements :

Media type is		Equal	MIDI
Container type is	Equal	Part
Name		Generate name	TruePianos	1

It indeed works, but what I am looking for is a way to make the track name being automatically set as the beginning of the parts name for a given track, with an incrementing number after it. It’s no big deal : I can live with the present implementation, but still… I think that there is something missing, here. We should be able to set, as ‘Parameter 1’, the track name, especially if there is no other way to rename efficiently the parts created in a given track. Maybe a feature request subject…