Incrementation & decrementation with right & left click

In the Score or Piano editors, I cannot increment or decrement the velocity value or even the channel by right-clicking or left-clicking.
I thought there was an issue with my mouse but I can change the note position and length with the mouse buttons.
Thanks for your help.

In the key editor, are you able to edit/modify the velocity value within the Info Line ?

Maybe it’s worth to check also, in the Preferences, the Editing > Tool modifiers pane content…

I’m sorry, I wrote “Piano Editor” instead of Key Editor.
So, the problem is the same in Key Editor, and everything seems normal in Editing> Tool modifiers.

Note that I can change the pitch, the channel of a note with the cogwheel instead of left or right-clicking.

I reinstalled the app for the mouse (SteelSeries) and it works fine, apart from the fact I have to press strongly on the left or right buttons when I have not to do so for changing start or end values…
@cubic13 thanks again for your help!