Incrementing Bus Routing (Shift+Click) in Mixer not working


I’ve been having this issue for a while now (I thought it would go away on its own but now I need this function to work proper for my current project), for some reason the modifier used when wanting to assign multiple tracks in the Mix Console Window to buses incrementally (Track 1 to Bus 1, Track 2 to Bus 2, etc.) is not working. Shift+Alt does work as expected and assigns all selected tracks’s Bus to the same bus that was selected from the list (and I can see that temporarily the Q-Link button lights up when I do so). But when I try to do the same with the other modifier, Shift, to incrementally assign buses, it doesn’t work and neither do I see any UI indicator light up (unlike when I press Shift+Alt).

This is extremely annoying and a big time waster for workflow. Does anyone know how to fix this?
This is on latest Cubase Pro 12 version on Windows 10 Pro. I was thinking of upgrading to Cubase Pro 13 but I would like to fix this first…
My keyboard’s Shift key is working proper as it works for literally anything else (like Shift+selecting multiple tracks).

Maybe it’s a regional keyboard thing? I have a South American keyboard with the Ñ letter as such, but even if I set up my Windows Keyboard as English (United States) it doesn’t work, and that wouldn’t explain why Shift+Alt DOES work…

Another thing that could be related is that I moved from Mac to Windows some time ago, and I used the export/import configuration function of Cubase to setup the Windows version easier. Maybe that caused this? (I don’t remember if the shortcut ever worked correctly on Windows because I didn’t use it until recently since I switched computers).

Shift key works on my machine as expected. German localization.
As far as I remember, it’s the same key on macOS.

Yeah, it’s the same key in macOS. But I don’t know anymore what to do or why it doesn’t work… Is there anything I can do to try and fix it?

Maybe there is a workaround? Like a Key Command that performs the exact same function or a Macro that can be built to do it? I’m not sure how though.

You can save your current settings in a profile, and create a new profile for testing. The new profile contains the default settings. Maybe that helps.
Make sure that you really save the current settings in the profile.

If it’s working in the new profile, it is a setting.

Tried it, still doesn’t work sadly.

I also noticed that when creating new empty projects the color defaults I set for each track type don’t apply, every track type is red no matter what unless I select each track type once and via the color dropdown menu on the track pick ‘‘Set Default Color’’, after that it fixes itself for new tracks… Is this normal???

That’s not normal. I guess your preferences are screwed up.
Something that doesn’t get fixed with the profiles.

I updated to Cubase Pro 13. I deleted all preferences and used the new default profile created by Cubase 13 and the problem still persists. I don’t know what else to do. I even tried a different keyboard and the shortcut still doesn’t work (and again, the Shift key does work for literally anything else including multi-select and the other mixer shortcut Shift+Alt).

No matter what I tried, the bug persists. Thankfully I’ve found a workaround at least, so I will post it here for anybody else that might help: if your Shift+Click to assign busses incrementally in the MixConsole window doesn’t work, for some reason it seems to work if you do it via the Channel Section in the project window (you select the tracks you want in the Project Window, and use the Routing Section under Channel in the Right Zone, the shortcut should work there).

Not much help but can confirm it works on my end C13 13.0.2 Latest Mac OSX

Nevermind, now neither method works… I don’t know why it’s so inconsistent.