Incurable blank bars

I’ve got an issue with scores imported from .sib via music xml. (In fact, I’ve more than one issue, but one at a time…)
It’s this. I get passages with blank bars and no rests. It is impossible to insert rests in them. You can hit Return and enter a note, whereupon the whole line obligingly fills up with rests. But when you delete the inserted note, then the rests also disappear. It looks a bit like this (organ part)…

I’ve looked in vain for hidden objects, strange clefs, and have selected and moved the whole line to Upstem Voice 1. No luck. Anyone got any ideas how to cure this?

Double-click the first bar that has the problem, then type Shift-B rest Enter.
If that doesn’t work:
Select the first note or rest that exists after the blank bars - if its “Starts Voice” property is turned on, turn it off.
Select the last note or rest that exists before the blank bars - if its “Ends Voice” property is turned off, turn it on.

Dear Leo
The first one worked. (I wasn’t aware of that command.)
Many thanks again.