indent second system? [solved]

Hello, I am notating psalm verses in two lines. I would like the second line (system) to be slightly indented.
I have input an ‘invisible’ clef to the beginning of that line (as it looks cleaner), now I would like to know, how to indent that system a bit. I can’t put in a negative value for the first line…
Any suggestions happily appreciated.
Also there was a disussion about another version (design) of the breve note. Where can I set this up?

Go into Engrave mode and turn on the Note Spacing switch. Then select the square above the start of the second system and use Alt+right arrow key to nudge it right.

For the design of the breve: Engraving Options > Notes > Noteheads.

Of course, thank you pianoleo. I was fiddling with this tool all the time by using all little square handles - except the first one…

Thank you PjotrB.