Indenting a staff

Quick question… A search of the forums did not produce the answer for which I am looking.

I am working on a book that is a collection of solos for marimba. Most of these are for single staff marimba. One solo is for a grand staff marimba (the last solo of the piece). This book is written for BEGINNER percussionists, so in the last solo (the grand staff), one line is labeled “Right Hand” the next line is labeled “Left Hand”. Currently I created the Text using the text tool and moved in engrave mode to the left edge, as I believe Dorico does not allow you to label each part of the grand staff separately (please advise if I am wrong).

One problem, now part of the text hangs too close to the page end (not the margin). I am trying to increase the indent only on this particular staff. I am using the indent in every other solo, so since that is set on a global scale for all flows, changing the distance does not fix this issue, without creating issues elsewhere. Is there a way to indent the staff more than the already determined amount?

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 8.32.22 PM.png

Use the Note Spacing tool. Select the handle at the top LH corner of the staff and alt+right arrow it to the distance you want.

THANK YOU!!! It worked very well!

I realized that yesterday I was trying to do it from the Staff Spacing tool, despite reading NOTE Spacing tool! I guess I can be a little slow at times.

Thank you again!