Indenting staves to an exact amount, but not in all flows

I know there is a way to indent staves individually (with handles in Engrave mode with Note Spacing enabled), and a way to do that globally (through the Layout Options). But what I’m trying to do is to indent every single flow first stave, EXCEPT for the first flow. I know I can do this individually with handles, as I said, but I want every one of them to indent exactly to 6 pts. How can I do that?

I would suggest that the way to do this is to set the layout option for the indent to whatever your desired value is (I suspect it’s not really 6pt, as that’s pretty tiny?), then adjust only the very start of the first flow in Engrave mode. Given the functionality currently provided by Dorico, there’s no way of doing it without making at least one manual adjustment, but this would be the way to minimise the number of manual adjustments to the maximal degree possible.

That’s a great solution, Daniel. Thank you!

Also, I meant “spaces” not “points” :wink: