Independant playback of voices

Dorico doesn’t seem to allow 2 voices to be routed to the same instrument, as one might want to do with the right a left hand of a piano staff.

What am I missing?

Hmmm That’s odd, I’m working on exactly the same thing but I can edit them independently and still route them to the same instrument:

This is the instrument without separating the voices

This is the right hand

This is the left hand

Do you have your endpoint configured correctly? i.e. you’ve specified a specific channel for the piano?
Upstem Voice 2.PNG
Upstem Voice 1.PNG
VST Settings.PNG

I’m not sure what the use case is for wanting to route the right hand to the same channel as the left, as that’s what Dorico does by default anyway with independent voice routing turned off. What are you wanting to achieve?

Separate voices make it easier to adjust the individual velocity.

I’m not sure what you mean - it doesn’t make any difference to the velocity whether the voices are routed separately or not. Unless you’re using NotePerformer? (which doesn’t actually use velocity for dynamics in the current version)

It makes a huge difference in being able to select the nores

It seems to me that if you want different volume on the different voices of an instrument, you would have to route them to separate instances of the instrument, not the same instance (port & MIDI channel) of the sound.

I’m speaking specifically about piano, where each note gets it own velocity. Using additional piano instruments would create problems with peddling, resonance, etc.

But on further experimenting I’m finding that Dorico won’t send different velocity’ s even if voices are routed to separate instruments, so…

Please allow me to jump in again. I’m working in the same way as wcreed and I’m using the same technique as him/her in order to be able to select the left hand apart from the right hand (I went into great detail in my post “Here come the criticisms” concerning the width of the velocity bars). But in my case all voices are routed correctly to the same instrument and channel. I can select one voice, edit its velocity and then deselect the switch again and everything gets routed correctly with the new velocities in place…

And you’re able to get independent velocities in each voice?

If you have a chord then you can cycle through the notes at the same position by using the up/down arrow keys.


True, but that still doesn’t let you edit the velocities independently…

I did get this to work, but it’s a bit fluky, and there are problems if things aren’t done in a certain order. However, I always end up with an unwanted stem-up Voice 2. Notes I entered in stem-up Voice 2 in Write mode show up in stem-up Voice 3.

It works for me. I’ve got a piano chord, dragged the velocity of the first note, pressed ‘up’ to get to the next note, dragged it, etc. I’ve verified in the Kontakt MIDI monitor that it’s sending the correct MIDI velocity for each note.

That’s what I do and then adjust the volume in the mixer. Right or wrong (probably wrong), I like a bit more volume overall in the 1st Up note voice on the right hand. The other voices can all be routed together to the same instance.

Well funny enough, it’s not really working for me. I’ve made a video to show the issues I’m having. If I don’t separate the voices then I can’t edit them, but if I do then the selection jumps from one voice to the other. The examples below are at maximum zoom. At the end I compare to the more intuitive way of doing it in Cubase where only the selected note gets edited. It’s three notes for each hand and on different staves.

Bollen, I’m afraid I can’t reproduce the problem here on either Mac or Windows. It just seems to work. Admittedly I’m running regular HALion rather than Kontakt, but I don’t know why (if?) that would make a difference.

Very cool! That’s how I would expect it to work… So there’s something wrong with my version then. Do you have Kontakt?

Nope. Sorry.