Independent dynamics?

So, I am trying to set dynamics for the different groups in my orchestra, I’d like my brass to be at P while my strings set to PP, now the problem is that the dynamics of these two groups seems to be dependent on each other?
When I put my string to PP, all the Brass instruments also gets PP, and vice versa.
Why does this happen and how can I resolve this issue and make them independent of each other?

Thanks in advance.

They’ll only change if they’re linked. If you don’t want dynamics to be linked, you can unlink them.

If you generally don’t want dynamics to link automatically when you copy/paste them to other staves at the same rhythmic position, there’s a preference for that.

You must have created the dynamics either in ‘one go’ – by selecting all the staves and then using the popover; or you duplicated them to the staves below repeatedly.

Delete the dynamics from the Strings – the Brass will keep theirs – and then select the strings staves and enter a new dynamic.

Does the preference for automatic linking also apply when dynamics are input on several staves at once? Or only when copying/pasting?

If memory serves, it’s only when pasting; multi-staff input will still result in linked dynamics. But I’m happy for someone who has Dorico 4.3 open to check and correct me if I’m wrong!

Ok, thanks! If no one beats me to it, I’d be happy to check later.

Alt-click also links dynamics automatically.

Alt-clicking when/where exactly?

Select dynamics in one part, alt-click to copy them into another part at the same grid location and they will link.

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This depends on your preference for linking when pasting.

Actually, it does now seem to depend on the preference as well.

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I believe the factory default is that they are linked (I don’t think I ever changed it)?

Options are there to be changed :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful. Thank you!