Independent FX for shared layers possible?

I try to use shared layers/instruments whenever possible to minimize resource usage. Volume and program change are independent for the shared copies which helps a lot.

It looks like neither inserts nor sends are independent, they seem to be shared with all instances. So it does not seem to be possible to add some echo in one song and a chorus in an other song unless I don’t share. Or do I miss something?

You can route the output to a group channel and use the inserts/sends there.

I already have a couple of group channels with FX inserts at 100% mix volume which I used for effects available globally as “Sends”. And this works fine for any non-shared instrument as I can decide how much signal I send to each of these FX channels.

However all of these FX / group channels seems to be visible / available globally in all songs, and the send level is shared between shared instrument instances which is not really what I want if I need a special, dedicated effect for a shared instrument just in one song.

Sorry, I was not clear enough. I ment song group channel.

Both songs have one shared layer/instrument but different effects as insters in the song group channel.

OK; I’ll five that a try. This will of course affect everything passed through the song group channel, but there are some songs where this may help.

You can create more than one song group channels in each song. So you can create one for each layer.

Hi! There are I guess all the theoretically possible solutions now that we also use with digital mixers (inserts, sends, groups, outputs), additionally there are extra options like loopback, song-groups, automation-via-MIDI, etc… So feel free play with all a little bit and find the best possible solution / combination :slight_smile:
have fun :slight_smile: