Independent Notation within a defined range? / SVG-support?

Hello to all the hardworking people at Steinberg!
looking forward very much to your promising software!

Since I am often dealing with relatively complicated Avantgarde-Projects, here is something on my wishlist for the future:

I would like to be able to freely select instruments from, let say, an orchestra-score (e.g. Clarinet1, Horn2-4, Perc. 1, Viola), then to define a range for them (e.g. bar 74, beat 1 to bar 95, beat 2.5) and to use this range for a completely independent notation, which is not necessarily “synchronized” with the other instruments, but is just stretching visually from start to end of the defined range as if it was a kind of “subscore” within the “main score”.
E.g., the main part of the orchestra is heading on in 3/4, but the selected instruments do something in 5/8-3/2-alternating, in a different tempo. As I said, no need to have correct playback (would be nice, of course), but simply to have the option of notating something completely different and independent from “the rest” within the visual limits of the defined range.
That is a compositional device I quite often encountered in recent projects. As you might imagine, it is a true pain in the ass to assemble such scores using Sibelius together with Indesign etc…

Apart from that, I appreciate very much the announced support of microtonal accidentals, the ability to flatten long slurs and to have dashed ties (important e.g. in choral music with different lines of text)
Btw: How about handling svg-graphics? Im-/Export supported?

Thank you very much for a short answer to my somewhat lenghty post…


To answer your questions in reverse order: yes, you can both import SVG graphics into your music, and export your project in SVG format.

True polytempo/polymeter support is not going to be included in the first version of Dorico, though it is planned for the future and has to an extent been designed into the application’s architecture already, but the ability to have multiple independent flows in the same project and also independent music frames on the same page means that you may well be able to achieve the visual results you require using a combination of separate flows and custom page layout. I’ll be writing more about the page layout features of Dorico in the next development diary update, coming soon (maybe next week).

Great! At least some light at the end of the (avantgarde-)tunnel

thanks for replying immediately: