Independent repeat with unwanted barline

Any suggestions on how to get rid of the barline that runs through all three woodwinds? As there is an independent repeat in the flute, I don’t want the barline in the full score to continue through all three staves as per the image:

Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 10.02.17 am

any help is greatly appreciated!

Do you never want the barline to join, or just separate when the flute has an independent repeat.

Putting the flute into its own Group should result in disconnected barlines, but that will be for the length of the entire piece.

Thanks Derek. I just want it to disconnect for this passage, which has an independent repeat. The rest of the piece I’d like it to be connected…

I don’t think there’s any good way to do this, I’m afraid.

That’s a shame. This issue only pops up in the one instance, other times it’s totally fine …

There is a way to eliminate the barline join in the middle of the independent repeat if you are not using condensing on the flute staff:


The workaround is to add a vocal instrument to the flute player and switch to that instrument for three measures following the start repeat.

If you are not using dashed barlines in this project, another solution would be to insert an independent dashed barline between the start and end repeats and change the gap length for dashed barlines to zero spaces in engraving options.

Thanks for the suggestions John. Unfortunately I need a wavy line immediately following the repeated barline and use dashed barlines elsewhere in the piece … !

ahhh that’s unfortunate!