Independent score view


Is it possible to have two (or more) independent views (windows) of the same score? It will be nice to have that when you copy/paste from one part of the score to another.


Window > New Window. You can have any number of entirely independent windows of the same document, showing different Layouts, regions, and in different modes.

You can also split the screen - horizontally or vertically. It’s convenient if you only have one monitor. And very useful for copy/paste work.

Note that there are differences in behavior when a separate window is used, especially in regard to how scrolling works, the horizontal split method appears more to be made for the copy/paste scenario.

I believe his question was not about how to open an extra window, but about its behavior. Note the word “independent”, and what he wants to do. Selecting any item on one window sends you to that point on the other immediately.

The problem where making a selection in one window immediately causes the other to move to the same position has been fixed since 2.0 was released and will not trouble you further once the next update is available.

Daniel - Maybe I’m missing something, but as soon as I take any action in one window (e.g. Playback or entering notes) the second window immediately jumps to the same position as the first window)

eheilner, read the post immediately above yours again.

D’oh! I missed the “since” in Daniel’s post. Thanks pianoleo.