Independent staff-labeling possible?

When I arrange for bigband, I sometimes would like to name the staves of the reed section “reed 1”, “reed 2” and so on because each player holds doublings.(like e.g. Alto Sax & Flute)
Is this already possible?

This is indeed possible.

When you create a player (alto sax, let’s say), you can then add flute to that player. (In Setup mode - click the little thing to the left of the player name.)

The player becomes “alto saxophone & flute.”

You can rename the player by right-clicking on the “alto sax & flute” name and selecting Rename.

Hope this helps!


Jim, thank you very much for your answer. But for me, this doesn’t change the staff label of the full score. It is always labeled according to the instrument that is firstly played in the flow… :confused:

Edit names?

… is not ideal because then when you switch back to that instrument it’ll say “To Reed 1” rather than “To Flute” (which can of course be overruled on a case-by-case basis).

Hmm . . . that’s interesting. Learn more every day!

If I have understood Dorico’s way of working correctly, it is currently not possible to give names independently. Also, in my opinion, the naming behavior in the scores is not correct for players with multiple instruments.
For example, if a musician plays different mallets and I summarize them in one line with instrument changes in the score, the instrument name changes on each page. The conductor could lose his overview if the glockenspiel and the xylophone are labelled two pages further on. Interestingly enough, in the voice excerpt, mallet is correctly output as the voice. In my opinion, an improvement would be urgently needed here.