Independent time signature again

Hi, could anyone please help me with the attached music? I read some of the topics but couldn’t manage the problem.

My problems:

  1. having 2 different meters and getting the barlines aligned

  2. do I have to write duplets? If, how can I hide the numbers all at once?

  3. How do I manage the meter changes in the upper system?


If you need the bar lines to join, then you have to use a trick described by Claude Lapalme.

Hi Dan, thanks for the quick answer. I’ve got it so far. But what can I do about the time changes in the upper system?

I’m afraid I don’t know, as I’ve never had to do this myself. All I can do is point to others’ expertise here. Maybe someone else can weigh in. Sorry!

I’ve done this kind of thing many times. Yes, you have to use hidden tuplets and create specific pickups. Everything is really well explained by Claude Lapalme, I don’t see what you’d need more…

With the recopy of Claude Lappalie I could now manage.Unfortunately I don’t get rid of the wrong pauses in bars 1, 3 and6. Anyone an idea? The force note value does not help.

What do you mean by “pauses”?

I think he means “rests”, Dan.

  1. Set the caret at the start of the bar.
  2. Type 6 (for crotchet/quarter)
  3. Type ; (or whatever your tuplet popover shortcut is).
  4. Type 4:6 then Enter - this will give you four crotchets/quarters in the time of six crotchets/quarters
  5. Enter your notes.

Preferably when you’ve finished the whole flow (so that you only have to do this once)
6. Select all.
7. Go Edit > Filter > Tuplets
8. In the bottom properties panel turn on the Number and Bracket switches, and adjust the options next to them if necessary.

I’ve left the brackets in place so you can see what I’ve done here:

Thanks a lot, pianoleo. I followed your instructions, but I still get a 2 quarters rest in bars 1 and 3 instead of a half note rest… What am I doing wrong?

I haven’t done anything to the time signature - it’s just regular 12/8. I’m not sure whether you’ve tried to do something clever to override it. Regardless, you should be able to use force duration to enter a half note rest:

  1. Select the first quarter note rest.
  2. Press Enter to invoke the caret.
  3. Type O for Force Duration.
  4. Type , for rest input.
  5. Type 7 for half note.
  6. Type any of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Y (or any note on a MIDI keyboard) to type a rest.

It seems like the link to the explanation is broken. Can anyone reconnect it? I’m inputting Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings and I’m having trouble with bar 8 already.