Independent time signatures in v.2

Hello, all!

Upon upgrading to v.2, after applying larger time signatures to my score I find something changed on one page, and I’m having a very difficult time sorting out how to get it back…

I had a single page with an open meter system, except for two instruments toward the end of the system, which had 3 bars of independent time. Then, on the next page (and with a cautionary at the end of the open meter page), there is a global change to 4/4.

Now the independent time signatures have disappeared, the cautionary 4/4 is gone, and on the next page with the global 4/4, instead of the “show at system object positions” larger meter found everywhere else in the score, there is a 4/4 on every staff, in the “narrow, serif” design. Which seems to be un-clickable/un-deletable. Any attempt at re-inserting a new global meter there provides no change. Happily, later global meters in the flow are back to their “normal” large time signatures state.

In addition, trying to re-input the independent time signatures for those bars in the initial open-time system also doesn’t work. Alt-Shift-M creates a film Marker now, but even with that key command removed, I still see no way of creating the independent signatures anymore.

I couldn’t find see anything on this in a search of this forum, or in the Dorico 2.0 Version History document…


Thanks much!

When you choose to use large time signatures, but then have local time signatures that appear on only one staff, then you can’t show large time signatures at that point, and Dorico falls back to showing a time signature on every staff. If you need help with this specific project, please either zip it up and attach it here or, if you don’t want to post it publicly, you can send it to me by email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Please include a link to this thread so I know both who you are and what you’re emailing the project to me for.

Thanks, Daniel – will do exactly that!

In my case big time signature just disappears and Dorico didn’t show normal time signatures. So I can’t use big time signature in the score, which has also independent time signatures.
Anyway, I have a question. Will it be possible in a future to use big time signatures and apply independent open time signatures in particular instruments? What I mean: tutti has one time signature and it shows in a score as a big time signature, and some instruments has aleatoric parts in the same moment.
I was happy to see, that this feature (big time signature) was implemented in Dorico 2, I like to write in this way my scores, but I can’t use it, because I have aleatoric, open meter parts in my piece. Logicaly it should be possible to have one big time signature even if there are solo instruments, which have independent open meter, because conductor is showing the meter only to tutti, and aleatoric solo is not conducted. Even is more practical to have one big time signature, when many instruments have aleatoric parts.

Yes, I believe it will be possible for local time signatures at different positions than the large, global ones shown above the staff to appear at the same time – it’s a bug that the local time signatures don’t currently appear, and hopefully we’ll have a fix for that soon.