Independent time signatures

Hi, I’m trying to have only the timpani play in an unmetered time signature in the orchestra. I know that I can have the rest of the ensemble play in 3/4 on mm. 2 by using ALT on each individually, but is there a way I can do this in one step?

No, not at present.

A different but related question. What about a time signature change in an orchestral score where most instruments go to 2/4 but certain select instruments go to 6/8? Is that possible in 3.5? Thank you.

Assuming you want each 6/8 bar to last the same length as each 2/4, then In exactly the same way as in previous versions. See here for a walk through.

SamiSeif, in case it helps at all, you can input independent time signatures onto multiple staves at once by showing the caret, extending it across the staves you want to have the same independent time signature, and then inputting the time signature (using Alt-Return for the popover or Alt-click in the panel as normal).

When extending the caret, the staves must be adjacent so you may have to do this a couple of times depending on where the staves are in relation to each other. Alternatively, input one independent time signature on one staff, then select it and Alt-click it onto all the other staves. Either of these should be quicker than going through the full process of inputting a time signature manually on each staff!

Thanks Lillie!

For some reason I get massive lag when I input the time signature in many staves at a time. The resources on my computer are not being exhausted, however. Do you have any suggestions for making the process go faster? I’m scarred of messing around with RAM and CPU allocations on my own as I do not have enough understanding of these things.

It will be slower to add the local time signatures across many staves at once. There’s no specific change you can make to the configuration of your computer that will speed it up.

I found that copy-pasting creates less lag than multi-input. Just throwing that out there if in case someone else might want to know