Independent Track Loop controls

I can’t find a way to set the locators for the ‘Independent Track Loop’ other than zooming out to the beginning of the song and dragging them with the mouse. In Cubase 5, there was a numerical display in the key editor where I could type in the value but it seems to have disappeared in C7, leaving only a button to enable/disable Independent Track Loop.

Any Ideas?

It is now in the status line.

Are you saying you have a numerical display for the independent locators? I am not seeing that. I am only seeing the button that switches it on/off.

I have now discovered that if I enable independent track loop, I can set the locators by dragging along the timeline at the top of the page. It would still be nice to be able to type them in though, like I used to in C5.

I’m saying enable the status line and you’ll see it.

And if you don´t see it, you have to enable it to be shown in the status line (if I may add that…)

Thanks, that was the problem -I didn’t have it enabled in the status line.