"Independent Track Loop" issue in midi editor

Positioning the cursor does not work correctly in the midi editor when:

  • the “Independent Track Loop” is enabled.
  • a loop starts or stops on non-even bars
  1. Open the midi key editor.
  2. Show the “Independent Track Loop” option button in the tool bar (right click), and enable it.
  3. Select a range that will not start or end on an even bar.
  4. Now try to position the timeline cursor: the timeline cursor is not located where the mouse cursor is clicked.

(If the loop starts AND stops on even bars, it works.)

Also, the cursor can not be located outside the loop…


Not reproducible,

I have tested it on my Mac and PC.

If you got further information let us know.

Here is a video for ya:
Issue starts at 0:40


thank you for the video.

I have forwarded it to our developers.

Thank you and cheers,