Independent Track Loop question, CB Pro 8


Re: Independent Track Loop.

Page 496 of my Operations Manual says, “You can also edit the loop start and end positions numerically in the fields next to the Loop button.” (the same information is repeated in a few other places in the document as well)

The problem is – when I turn on the Independent Loop function in the Key Editor there are no such numeric fields.

The Indy Loop functionality all works as the manual describes, so no issues there. Indy Track Looping is a great tool. I’m just concerned when the documentation and the on-screen display differ. You know how it is, if one little thing is wrong, one wonders, is anything else not right? Is it some setting in Preferences I’m missing, perhaps? I see Independent Track Loop button in the Key Editor only, is that right?

I’m assuming any MIDI or Audio track could be set to Independent Looping, but, can multiple tracks of different kinds and lengths be set to loop independently, simultaneously?

Anyway, while I’m able to set loop lengths in any number of ways – that’s no problem – I’m concerned when the display on-screen is different than what is depicted in the Operations Manual – and my concerns about that discrepancy.

Also, it would have been “nice” if the manual said that the option to turn on and off independent track looping is only available from within the Key Editor. Is that right?

Thanks for any clarifications, advice or references on this. :slight_smile:

Hello Stephen57. I know it’s been a while since you posted your question, but if you hadn’t found the answer (or discovered it yourself already), you can get the numeric values to appear by activating the Status Line in your Window Layout of the Key Editor. I was learning about the feature while reading the chapter on the Audio Part Editor and had questions myself. I found a similar post and thought I’d try to help. You can read the other post here.

I never got this resolved, but thanks for the answer. I’ll take a look at the link. I’ve not been working with independent track loops because I could only get one MIDI track to work. I’ll read the other thread and see what’s what.

Thanks for answering.