Independent Track Loop

Hi guys!

I have a question regarding independent track loops. I am composing a piece that starts with a pedal note, a drone, and after a couple of bars a percussion instrument, a tabla, kicks in. I looped the part of the tabla using the independent track loop function and it loops just fine, but with a minor problem: the loop is triggered from the beginning of the piece instead of the beginning of the looped tabla part. Is there any solution to this? I would like that the piece starts just with the pedal note as I have composed.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

I think I know, what you mean… Cubase always calculates the Independent Track Loop so that the real MIDI Part is in sync with the view. So it might happen, when you start playback from the very beginning the independent track loop doesn’t start from the beginning of the MIDI Part. It jumps to the position in the Independent track loop so that it is in sync with the real MIDI Part.

This will also your case, because the Independent loop is 4 bars long. But the Independent loop starts already after 2 bars from the beginning of the music. So if you place your Project cursor to the beginning of the music piece, the Independent loop will start at bar 8, to make sure it’s in sync at bar 6.

Do I explain it understandable way, please?

Try moving all the parts 2 bars back or 2 bars forward.

Thank you both for your answers! My problem remains however. I want the tabla part to be looped, but I only want it to start playing from bar 6, not before. My problem has nothing to do with it being out of sync, just that the tabla starts playing earlier than what I have written down (for example if I start the playback from bar 0 the tabla is playing even though there is no event there). I am not sure I make myself very clear…

If I were to make a comparison of my problem, it is the same as if the player who is playing the snare drum on Ravel’s Bolero would start playing before the piece had even begun.

I think it’s a limitation of the Ind. Track Loop. I wanted it to be like a clip performance function as well but I think it is more intended as an editing tool because it only stays on while the edit window is open.


Yes, it’s an editing tool.

Ah,I see. Thanks for clarifying it!

So my only option is to Ctrl + K the tabla part?


Cubase is all about the linear timeline. Options are, arranger track, step sequencer midi insert, or groove agent midi clip. Orrrr… Ableton :slight_smile: