Independent voice playback not soloing

As you see from the image, I have selected, hence soloed Viola Divisi 1.
a: Viola 2 is playing back even though its routed to another Midi Port
b. Double Bass 2 is also playing back, even though it has noting to to with the soloed part.

Here is the endpoint config

These are not the droids (okay ports ) you are looking for. :slight_smile: Or at least most likely not. These ports are a different thing.

MIDI channel is what you’d want. I do something similar sometimes with multiple vep projects in a single vep server, with a tab/ project for strings say and a tab for brass, and I do connect to them as separate vst instances, but it’s an instance of strings with channels in the rack, and brass with channels, and only 1 port each in the endpoint setup.

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Yes, put everything on Port 1 and use different midi channels for each instrument.

Yes surely that is one way tot do it, but the whole point by using ports is to expand the possible routings, and keeping the number of instances in VEP at a minimum.

Administration of many instances complicates programming and resource management internally in VEP.

I also need more than one channel per instrument.

Why use only a small part of your resources, when you have several more at your fingertips :wink:

By any measure this is functionality intended to be used, and hence should work!

This has been discussed before-- I work the same basic way as @gdball and @Grainger2001 and that’s simply the best way to do it in Dorico, whatever you might theoretically prefer! Of course you are then restricted to 16 channels per instance but is that really an issue?

Yes it is an issue.

then I guess we all have different needs.

The main reason we work with Port 1 - channels 1 - 16 for each instance is for output reasons. If you bring your instruments from a VEPro Instance into Dorico on separate outputs/channels, you will find that an instrument on Port 1 midi channel 1 will come into the Dorico mixer on the same channel/fader as Port 2, midi channel 1. This is the current limitation and could change, but it can get very confusing, very quickly. Therefore it’s best to use only Port 1, 1-16 and Multiple Instances. If you bring your instruments into Dorico via the Stereo Bus in VEPro, you can use as many ports as you wish, but soloing in Dorico will not work, you will have to activate solo from VEPro itself.

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Just to be clear: What you are describing here is a workaround not a best practice. Besides, comments like ““We have always done it this way, and thats ok …” is not helpful for either the community, me or for Steinberg.

That said, I have found the -right- workaround: I changed the divisi ports from 6-10 to 11-15.

The bug is twofold:

  1. When soloing a divisi part (i.e. selecting a bar in the Instrument), Dorico sendt the midi to both sections within the Player. After changing ports, only the one Instrument is playing at a time.
  2. The reason for Port 10 playing has something to do with the Expression map for LASS 3, sending a C0 keychange, only audible in Double Bass because of range. It is strange, however that this is just being transmitted when using Port 10, not Port 15.

My conclusion would be that there is something about the Ports being consecutive, and the way Dorico distibutes the Midi? Or it could be on the VEP side, however VEP only receives different instruments on Port numbers, and does not know the Player relations.

We recently (in the past few days) fixed a problem with the ‘Init’ switch in expression maps that would be sent to the appropriate channel but always on the first port, which might perhaps explain what you’re seeing.

If you can produce a really minimal case with a project that is, so far as possible, empty of music, and only the sufficient number of instruments etc. required to reproduce the problem, and a clear description of the problem, we can take a look.

Thank you, I have sent them on your discoverdorico email.
(And called you Mike for no apparent reason :flushed:)

Well, you’ve made two mistakes there. I don’t receive those emails, and neither my nor John’s name is Mike! :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry. What do I do then? Where do I send it?

Aha! There is a DM. Sendt!