Independent Voice playback not switching correctly BBCSO


I know there was a similar thread on this previously about IRV and BBCSO (solved with an endpoint mapping issue), but I cant seem to get my down stem voice 1 to keyswitch to the long technique I custom added as a text playing technique in my BBCSO Pro expression map after setting up Independent Voice Playback.

It’s working fine in Up-Stem voice 1 and then when I copy and pasted it to Down-Stem Voice 1 it just wont trigger my ‘Long’ pt. I saw this post also when I searched and was a bit confused about what an add-on switch does with IRV.

I have two separate instances of the BBCSO player assigned to VLN1 and then one Called Vln1a which are both mapped to each endpoint with the correct map with midi channel 1 and 2 assigned respectively through 1 instance of VEPro.

I have 2 instances of each string section per instance and it seems to be happening with all the strings. I did change my natural technique to the legato sound from JB’s map as the long articulation is only suitable for slower, longer chords but I’m confused why it’s not changing.

I thought I just had to make sure there is a pt assigned specifically to each voice and I would be good to go. Any help would be greatly received. Cheers Simon

Here’s a quick image

Months later I hope you’ve solved this problem. I came here to assure you that with Dorico 4.3 these things seem to be working OK. I have just implemented my own scheme for Cinematic Studio Strings, including divisi voices, and Dorico is doing its part just fine.

Debugging it was difficult. Being able to put a MIDI monitor plugin between Dorico and the virtual instrument was important in order to see what the instrument is actually receiving. Otherwise we are in the dark, unable to diagnose the problem. In my case I just used the MIDI monitor provided in Kontakt, but there are other ways too.