Independent Voice playback not switching correctly BBCSO


I know there was a similar thread on this previously about IRV and BBCSO (solved with an endpoint mapping issue), but I cant seem to get my down stem voice 1 to keyswitch to the long technique I custom added as a text playing technique in my BBCSO Pro expression map after setting up Independent Voice Playback.

It’s working fine in Up-Stem voice 1 and then when I copy and pasted it to Down-Stem Voice 1 it just wont trigger my ‘Long’ pt. I saw this post also when I searched and was a bit confused about what an add-on switch does with IRV.

I have two separate instances of the BBCSO player assigned to VLN1 and then one Called Vln1a which are both mapped to each endpoint with the correct map with midi channel 1 and 2 assigned respectively through 1 instance of VEPro.

I have 2 instances of each string section per instance and it seems to be happening with all the strings. I did change my natural technique to the legato sound from JB’s map as the long articulation is only suitable for slower, longer chords but I’m confused why it’s not changing.

I thought I just had to make sure there is a pt assigned specifically to each voice and I would be good to go. Any help would be greatly received. Cheers Simon

Here’s a quick image