Independent Voice Playback question - Pro

Having just watched Antony’s excellent What’s New video for 4.2, I thought I’d try out the Independent Voice Playback feature (which I know is not new to 4.2).

Solo piano (tried Pianoteq 7 and NotePerformer) with 2 voices in the Treble clef

In play mode, after enabling Independent Voice Playback, I’ve found that it’s not possible to just have a single Solo button activated, instead all of them light up or none at all (same with the Mute button)

Is this normal behaviour?

Yes. NotePerformer has always required you to use its own mixer. Click the e icon immediately to the left of Staff (a) in your screenshot.

Thanks Leo - your solution worked for NotePerformer (which I should have figured out myself), but not with Pianoteq.

Sorry for wasting your time Leo, but it does work in Pianoteq after applying the Pianoteq playback template. Another thing learned!

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