Independent volume left & right in 1 audiotrack ?

I’m trying to figure out something I often used to do while mixing in old Cubase VST, but can’t manage now in C6:
setting independent volume left and right in 1 stereo audiotrack, while not changing the pan settings.
(I use the stereo dual panner mode: two indepentent pansettings for left and right)
Is now the only way: record on two mono tracks ? (or split channels afterwards)

Yep, you’re right - that would be sometimes needed. Strange how you have all these fancy panning technologies on stereo tracks but the volume is just a plain overall gain setting.

And yes, it does seem like you’d have to split your audio to adjacent mono tracks and go from there. I know it’s kind of a workaround, but on the other hand it’s not since it seems to be the only way to set up the volume like you want :slight_smile: Anyway, I’d put them inside a folder track so you won’t mix them with the other tracks. I’m sure it’s not that difficult of the way of doing the gain. Unnecessarily complex compared to Dual Volume-feature but what can you do… :confused:

You could use a plugin (like Mix 6 to 2 for example) …

Okay,tThanks for the replies.
I’m gonna look for that Mix plugin.