Independently set Key & Audio Editors to open in Zone/window

I prefer to open the Key Editor in a separate window because it works best with a lot of vertical space, however the Audio Editor fits fine in the Lower Zone so I want audio to open in there.

Currently there is only a single global setting, so both editors either open in the Lower Zone or a window. Being able to set it independently would allow to have them open where you want.

I think this would be great to have. I would use it regularly.

+1 good idea


This can include the Sampler Control too, which currently due to a bug only opens in the Lower Zone. But maybe a lot of people who use a floating Key Editor like it there as it is currently, so mixed settings are the way to go.


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Allow the ENTIRE ZONE to operate in any window/monitor - why is the lower zone (in part or in whole) limited to the same window/monitor that the tracks are in???

Let me know if anyone wants to see this in 9.5.