Indeterminate repeats - issues

Here is a sample file with indeterminate repeats, with the way I write them while we don’t have lines in Dorico (for that kind of thing, I would like the solution described in Stone, chapter 5, Indeterminate repeats).
Sorry, the Dorico file is too big for me to attach here, I have to share it this way (let me know if there is a file download problem…):

I find a few issues I’m not sure how to deal with:
****** 1 ****** Hiding all rests
I hide rests using the “Ends voice” option for notes.
In Violin 1, right before rehearsal letter E, I can’t make the F# “End the voice” (I’d like to hide the rest in the measure right before rehearsal letter E). The “Ends voice” option works fine for all other cases in this excerpt, but not for this note. Why?

****** 2 ****** Bar numbers are off in parts
This is the most annoying thing: I would like the bar numbers to be the “main” ones in the parts including such indeterminate repeats. In this snippet, I would like Rehearsal Letter E to correspond to measure 22 in all instruments (Look at the parts in the project to see the differences…)

****** 3 ****** Duration token gives wrong result
Not a huge deal, but for the record, the flowDuration token gives errors in such situations. In this excerpt, if you delete the string instruments, duration is 1:34. With them, the token computes 17:46.


  1. Select the rests and go Edit > Remove rests.

Indeed, thanks pianoleo!

For the record, about point * 2 *, I managed to fix the bar numbers in parts this way: I have to insert Primary bar number changes from the part itself. It’s a little bit of a pain since I don’t manage to display them in the score, but it seems to work.

The issue with the bar numbers being out of whack in the parts is because whenever you have local time signatures or independent bar durations/lengths (which includes staff-specific repeat barlines), Dorico is trying to use the barring of the top staff in the layout to determine the bar numbers, which may not always be what you expect. There is certainly more for us to work on in this area in future.