Index for a booklet

I am compiling a booklet of musical examples and I want to be able to have an index at the front. There doesn’t seem to be a way of inserting tables or lists in the text editor. I can prepare the index in a word processor and if necessary I will just have to add a pdf page from there, but I wondered if there is a more elegant way of doing it.

you may add a page with a text frame.
Then fill this page with tokens, pointing to your pieces.

I have been wondering why there isn’t a dedicated “Table of Contents” control. Something that automatically lists all the flow headers and their page numbers. This would be needed in any work with multiple movements or a songbook. I know you can do this manually, but I would rather see Dorico do it for me. This should also be pretty easy to implement.

And another developer bites the dust. :grimacing:


Thanks K_b. I understand what you’re suggesting, but that would only work with flow headings I think. The titles of each example are currently just written using the Text Tool. I’m attaching the index and one page of the booklet. As you can see most of the examples are just one line long and there are 19 pages of them. I could make every example a flow, but that would be a big change to implement now. Unless there is a token that I can use to point to these titles. Or perhaps I have misunderstood?
5 - 6 - 7 - 6 modulating sequences.pdf (48.7 KB)
Index for Mortensen Sequences.pages.pdf (54.3 KB)

There are tokens to insert the title of a given flow, and the page number on which it starts.

Here is a text file that includes tokens for successive numbers up to about 50.

TOC (1.2 KB)

Thanks Ben. That will work for a contents but not for the type of Index I have compiled.