Indicate ranks beside selected areas in Harmonics Selection

Like the title says.
Sometimes when using the Harmonics Selection tool it can be difficult to follow and select Master Rank 1, 2, 3 or 4 when that tone or line is fragmented. It might be easier to use ranks 7, 8, 9 or so for a Master Rank, if that higher tone/line is uncompromised.

And sometimes, e.g. when dealing with a sound rich in overtones/harmonics, like vocals or saxophone, one might want to use a lot of ranks, like 25-35, to catch as much of the overtone series as possible.

So when using lots of overtone ranks, and at the same time having a high number Master Rank it is very easy to lose focus or perspective when counting and choosing between the lines in the overtone series.

If it was possible to see which one of the Harmonics Selection ranks that is the Master Rank, e.g. by a digit/the actual rank number, or even only a “bullet” beside that rank in the spectral window it would be of great help. Some kind of mark showing which one in the column of harmonics selection is the Master.

Not a bad idea.