Indicating instrumentation

Is there a built in way to indicate the numbers of instruments you’d like playing a part? Like you want five violins playing first, five playing second? From memory, and grabbing a score sitting around, I see a text based front page with the listings and instructions, which would be a single front page with a big text frame. Any particular norms that are used in this context?

Speaking of which, giving it a whack, looks like I can’t copy a text frame from another page (e.g. project title) and paste in my new one. Would be handy :slight_smile:

And also, as I copy text in text frames (and any text dialog), the text I’m highlighting disappears (Mac, default install just changed the score background to the black default setting). Do I have a color off somewhere?

Yes, that’s the thing to do. Add any and all info to clue in the performers/conductor/producer as to your wishes.

Project titles usually appear on the master pages so that they will appear on the score and on each part. That’s default behavior for a new Dorico file.

Thanks Bruce, I also found this good instructional video

How to Create a Title Page and Instructional Sheet | Page Layout in Dorico