Indicators at L / R part borders if there is data outside the part

Kind of a simple request but it could be insanely time-saving and prevent numerous grey hairs.

If a MIDI part has MIDI notes and/OR CC data that extends past the part’s borders (either before or after), in the project window can we please see some sort of visual aid on the left and/or right edges of the part? Like arrows or ellipses or something. I think this could be fairly unobtrusive to the aesthetic but be extremely worthwhile.

Case in point: sometimes I record MIDI and have the Sustain Pedal (CC64) down, then let it ring out for many beats after any actual MIDI notes have ended in the Key Editor. But in the project window with notes and CC data showing on MIDI parts, it’s hard to see this 0 CC value. So it’s easy to resize that part too small later on to visually shrink around the MIDI notes, and forget that there is a Pedal Off (CC64 = 0) that is now lost and not being triggered past the part’s boundary. Then the notes will ringout forever in that case.

Lots of other scenarios I can think of where this would be useful too.

See graphic for the gist of this idea:

+1 I like this idea very much, would save lots of time indeed

Nice idea! +1