Indipendent Dynamic in SATB Choir

Hello to all.

Is it possible to make the dynamics in a SATB choir independent by default?

If I change a dynamic or a fork it is automatically changed on all players

You can input voice-specific dynamics when the caret is active and by closing the dynamics popover with Alt/Opt-Return.

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Thank you very much Lillie.
I’ve tried this before and it works, but if I change another player’s dynamics it will automatically change all dynamics, for this reason there is an option to turn off automatic copying of dynamics.

thank you very much for the support! (and many excuses for my bad English)

You mean changing e.g. the dynamics for the Alto changes the dynamics for the Soprano? Can you share a project where that’s happening - perhaps it’s something to do with the sound library you’re using for playback?

If you mean that you input a voice-specific dynamic in bar 1 then input a normal dynamic (i.e. for all voices) in bar 2 for the same instrument, then yes the “global” dynamic takes over from that point.

Unlink dynamics perhaps.


thanks for the support.

how can I “disconnect the dynamics”?

I’m also finding some problems with overlapping dynamics.

if for example I want to change a “p” to “f”, double clicking on the dynamics overlaps. I am attaching the file, thanks for the helpExample.dorico (1.7 MB)

I also have another problem with the voices in the piano part, I can’t get a voice to stop (you notice pauses) … always in the same file

If, when you select a dynamic, other dynamics appear in blue, then they are grouped and/or linked.
In one part (horizontally) they are grouped (this happens automatically if you enter multiple dynamics in the shift-D popover).
Across parts (vertically) they are linked (This happens automatically if you copy/paste dynamics across parts)

You can unlink/ungroup using the context menu->dynamics->… (or edit->dynamics->…)

If you change a dynamic that is linked - all the linked instances will change too.

You can position dynamics on the rhythmic grid. move the caret to where you want it and invoke the shift-D popover.

Overlapped dynamics can simply be deleted!

Thank you!!!