Individual articulation per voice for a player

However, articulation affects the other voice. Thus, the lowest note A in bar six is shortened by the staccato.

Is there a way to set staccato attached to the lowest B without affecting the duration of the lowest A?

Maybe you could manually extend the note duration (if it’s just the sound you care about)? If that’s even a thing you can do!

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Might I humbly suggest that the staccato on a demisemiquaver is totally redundant! Make life easy and remove it.


Have you enabled independent voice playback for the piano track in Play mode?

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Thanks! Yes, it is also a possible way!

Thanks! Yes, it is!!

@Lillie_Harris :

Thank you for mentioning ‘independent voice playback’.
It resolves the problem that staccato on a note in a voice affects the other notes in other voices.
However, sf and p do not independently affect the velocities. Therefore, I still should edit the velocity value via the velocity option on the bottom panel of the note properties in Write mode. Am I correct?

If you enter them voice-dependant via alt-enter, it should work with independent voice playback, too.

Shift-T, q=4! :sunglasses:


Indeed q=4. And that’s a slur, not a phrase mark!! (Casorti: Techniques of Bowing)

8 minutes on one bow? I’d like to see that.

I feel the opposite! :joy:

I’d give my right arm to hear that. The poor player would give theirs too :wink:

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It’s no joke. Casorti presents by far the hardest violin exercises I ever had to do - it’s a form of torture!

He notes: “For those who feel timidity before an audience, the practice of the sustained tone is indispensable for steadying the nerves and giving precision of bowing… Viotti practiced the sustained tone for two hours… and remarked that his fingers felt as if he had never been out of practice.”

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What you mentioned does not work correctly. Did I do something wrong? Manually setting velocities for each voice works better.

Untitled Project 1.dorico (803.2 KB)

In my piece q = 60.
q=4 is too slow for me.

Dynamics affect the dynamics lane, which in turn affect velocities