Individual Chords in a polytonal setting


I am writing a polytonal piece an therefore need individual chords for each instrument. As far as I understand are Chord Symbols set “globally”.
I have one instrument playing in B, the other in Eb, and a third one in G using individual key signatures per instrument.
For example, Instrument 1 is playing over a Bmaj7 chord while Instrument 2 ist playing over Eb at the same time.

Possible or not?

Thanks a lot!


Chords are set globally and display transposed in transposing instruments. I do not believe one can alter this behavior unless one uses SHIFT+X text to simulate chords.

Thanks Derrek! That’s what I think too.
Would be cool if one could enter individual chords per stave like you do it with key signatures: Shift-Q, type chord, then hit alt-Enter.

Yes, I agree, and I hope that we will be able to implement this in future.

Thanks Daniel, that would be cool. And useful.