Individual default Size for Coda and Segno Sign

I would like to indivially set a default size for Coda and Sego Signs. I have setup the default size to 200%. Now the Segno is ok, but the Coda is way too big.
Also, I would like to put a frame around the Segno sign.
Is there an Option for that?

Best regards and a nice Weekend!


There isn’t an option for this, but it’s something that I have been thinking about and that we will very probably implement in future.

Thanks. Good Idea My Colleagues ask for Large Sgno Signs :slight_smile:

Yes Daniel, this would be a really great new feature as well for ‘Segno’ and ‘Head’ signs

I just figured out that it’s already been done. i can change the size of my ‘segno’ and ‘head’ signs independently from the words. great job. you are faster with updates than my brain is working :slight_smile: