Individual flow page format/orientation

Is there going to be an option to have individual page formats/orientations for flows? I need to switch between portrait and landscape in a piece. It would be great if this could be done in one project with flows or even for every page.

Welcome to the forum, timreichen. It’s unlikely that we will add the option to change the page orientation midway through a layout any time soon, I’m afraid.

Hello daniel, thank you for your answer and warm welcome. That is a shame, I will creating and probably publish multiple music booklets next year where the orientation needs to switch and hoped I could do them in one dorico project. In that case I need to find another way to do so.

Unrelated to that topic: I am testing the new mac os big sur and the dorico logo came to my attention, because lots of 3rd party apps have already adopted the new icon format and the it is starting to look kinda strange next to all other unified icons. Will dorico also get a new one, maybe something similar to this? Dropbox - Error

You could send pages to a PDF of each set of (portrait) and (landscape) pages, then combine into one big PDF. Programs are available all over. I use the free Adolix split/merge PDF software.

We certainly won’t be rounding off the corners of the Dorico brandmark itself, no! But we are certainly talking about refreshing our application and document icons on both Windows and macOS, as we haven’t changed them for the last four years.