Individual instruments in an ensemble - playback, Dorico 3.5

Hi, I have a question that seems simple, but I have read discussions, parts of the manual and watched videos, and can only seem to figure out much more complicated issues.
I have an orchestral score. How do I use playback function for specific instruments in the score, not all of them? I’m not talking about individual voices within an instrument (strings for example, I already figured out how to choose which voices to play.)
In previous discussions someone have suggested that one could choose specific voices by selecting notes in them in “write mode”, and that the other instruments would then be automatically muted. This doesn’t work with my Dorico.
Also, it appears that previously there was a solo and mute button for specific instruments in “play mode”. This is not anymore the case in Dorico 3.5.
Thank you for your help! (My question concerns Dorico 3.5 specifically).

Welcome to the forum, Sofia_nrw. There are two ways to approach this: either use Ctrl+click (Command-click on Mac) to select a note in each instrument you want to hear, then hit P to play from the start of the selection; or you can make that selection of instruments “sticky” by typing Alt+S to solo those instruments, then hit Space to play back. That selection of instruments will be retained until you then type Shift+Alt+S, which is the shortcut for Play > Deactivate All Solo States.

Thank you for the response Daniel, this worked. The only thing I did differently before was pressing space instead of P for playing, resulting in all the instruments performing.
I appreciate your responses in all these discussions - all questions I’ve had along the way have been solved. Thanks! As a new user of Dorico I have already recommended it to my colleagues.

Great, I’m glad to hear it. We’re here to help if you encounter any other issues you can’t figure out on your own.