Individual instruments won't show in GA5 though they do in GASE5


I’ve been on this for 3 days now, I’m starting to lose it.
I simply want to make a custom drum kit out of individual samples but they are nowhere to be found! It works perfectly with SE5 though; I know how to do it but it just seems the 30G of libraries I downloaded aren’t found by GA5. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled GA5 and the banks but nothing works. Rescanning doesn’t help. Which directory it scans… who knows? It’s nowhere to be found or modified. In the download assistant I specified a place on my HD : HD / Music / steinberg / Content Groove Agent; But when I go back to the library manager it says it’s on my external drive so I move it but it doesn’t change anything. I’ve tried putting everything in HD / library /… application support it’s the same. Please help me!

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  • Close all programs.
  • In Finder, open the Go to Folder dialog by pressing cmd + Shift + G or via the Go menu.
  • Enter this path shortcut: ~/Library/Preferences
  • Delete the Groove Agent folder

Hey. Thanks for your answer. I’ve just checked and there is no groove agent folder there. Only a spectral layer plist…

Finally found that there is a hidden library folder! It worked! Thanks!
(Need to use cmd+maj+. to reveal it)

Well… I’m back on my track tonight and guess what? The problem came back. Only thing is the previous trick doesn’t work anymore. Seriously Steinberg! What is wrong with this?! What am I supposed to do. I’ve just upgraded to GA5 and it just won’t work. SE still work as it should. I’m desperate.

Okay, so I have to erase the groove agent folder every time before launching Cubase 12 pro or groove agent won’t load individual sounds. Sometimes I even have to do it twice.

On top of that it constantly crashes after a few minutes. I paid for GA5 and I’d like it to work as it should. Where can I talk to someone from Cubase directly? Thanks!