Individual note in tempo marking

Can I write, as a tempo marking, what I have put as a system text in the attached? The q stayed an ordinary q when using tempo popover – but I would appreciate the correct automatic placement the tempo popover gives me.

No, at the present time Dorico doesn’t support this kind of marking. Should I take this marking to mean that the pulse is a quarter note? Or does it mean something else? Is this a common kind of marking? I can’t say I’ve seen it myself.

Yes, it means that the Allegretto applies indeed to the crotchets, in case of doubt. I cannot cite examples now, but I have seen a lot of them, usually in connection with 6/8 and other compound meters. As my piece starts in 5/8, it is handy.

For now I will probably resort to one of the approximate tempo markings offered.

Thank you for the answer!