Individual outs for stacked samples

Here’s the scenario…

I have multitrack drum samples (snare top / snare bottom / Overheads / Room Mics) I want them triggered off one MIDI note (so they are all stacked onto one note) how do I give them separate outputs?

In Halion 3 I used to assign 12 mono outs 12 Stereo outs and my drum samples could be assigned on the ‘Sound’ page.
Alas Halion 4 doesn’t seem to have this on it’s ‘Sound’ page. The manual doesn’t seem to address this either

Can anybody tell me how to assign some mono outs and stereo outs and how can I map those to stacked samples in one program?

Does that make sense??

Unfortunately Halion 4 only supports stereo outs. You will have to rely on changing the channel playback of your daw to mono if that is what you desire. I too loved the dedicated mono outs in Halion 3 for bass/percussion/drums and was disappointed to see that gone in Halion 4, however, all is not lost.

map your sounds the way your normally would in Halion 4, in the top right program tree section of Halion 4, highlight the sample in question, go to the zone page, amplifier section and click on the aux tab. To the far right you will see an output menu option drop down list. Click this and assign the output desired. Go back to the tree, select your next sample etc.

If you need anything else let me know.

Nice One!

Thanks for that!

You are very welcome, I assume you got on just fine and this is exactly what you were after?

Hi @ all,

the best way to use individual outputs for stacked samples is:

  • Use separate Layers for each sample.

  • Next step is add a Program Bus to each Layer

  • Now edit the newly created Program Bus

  • You can choose now to which Output the Sample is routed and you can use individual effects for each sample

:bulb: When you do it this way, you won’t have any restriction regarding individual effects or the amount of Aux- Outputs.

Good point, definitely lots of flexibility here. Thanks for chiming in Marcus.