Individual Pages

Hello All–
What would be the easiest way to break apart a pdf and save each page as an individual file? I ask because I use Camtasia to make rehearsal videos for my choir. I can import PDFs to display on screen, however, each page needs to be its own file. Dorico doesn’t natively export individual pages (save by using the page range box one at a time) and I don’t necessarily expect it to. I’m just putting out a clarion call to the brain trust that is this forum.

What about exporting as PNG? Does that do one file per page?

I don’t use Camtasia, but apparently it will capture video from the PC screen.

Can you just record a video showing the PDF and step through the pages, then edit it?

I would use Preview on my Mac and save each page as new pdf when I use the print command.

In Acrobat just go to Organize Pages, select the pages you want to extract, hit Extract, and then click “Extract pages as separate files.”

I’ve made some MacOS Quick Actions and scripts here which split PDFs into single pages, and other stuff.

Benwiggy, you’re amazing!

Technically yes, but no. It would be very cumbersome and inexact. I place precise shifts as each stave is ending that I could never do by hand.

This is what I have been doing but it is very slow and cumbersome.

I like the pdf option since it is a vector file. This allows me to zoom in to 350% without losing quality. I don’t believe svgs are supported by camtasia, but in any event, I’ve been roundly warned not to use them here on the forum in other threads.

A PNG at 600 (or 1200) is quite a high-res image, and certainly worth a shot.

Acrobat does this with Organize Pages/Extract/Extract Pages as separate files. Create a pdf from Dorico and do it in Acrobat. Is there something I’m missing here? This is a fairly straightforward process within Acrobat, unless I’m misunderstanding the question.

You might be missing the fact that Acrobat costs money, and if this is the only PDF editing feature you need, it’s a ridiculously overpriced solution.