Individual Sends not visible in Mixer Main Window

Hi , I have the visibility of the Main Mixer (not the individual channel) set to show SENDS (via the ‘Racks’ tab).
All I get is a large grey area with an on/off light at the top for the sends.

I want to see on the many channels setup I’m using which channels have what sends.
So I can clean up reverbs (too many channels sharing and I need to create new fx channels for different reverbs for different orchestral groups (more for strings and WW, less for rhythm instruments, etc) and different lengths of decay, etc.

I’d rather not go channel by channel, if I could get a better idea overall in the main mixer window.

I can see all the inserts utilzed, but not the same for sends. Is there a preference or someother place to turn this visibility on/off?

Again, I have the “Racks” pull down set to show the Sends, but I don’t see an additional on/off for showing the actual different plugins used in the fx sends for all the channels in the main mixer window.

click on where it says: sends. (in the rack)

If you still do not see your sends (which you should now) I would try to trash my preferences.