Individual settings per flow

Probably this subject has been discussed before, but I didn’t find a convenient solution.

For example, I want to write a cycle of songs/pieces and I want to have different settings for each piece/flow (like hiding empty staves only in some of the songs). As far as I know, I need to create custom layouts. The problem is that afterward, I need to edit manually the page numbers and then merge the different PDF files in another software. this seems to me like a wrong and unnecessary workaround.

Am I missing something?

No need to mess with layouts. You can hide/show staves easily using Edit>Notations>Staff… add/remove staff or manual staff visibility.

That’s true for this occasion and thanks for reminding me of that option!

But let’s say I want a bit different appearance of other stuff like fonts etc.
Won’t it be nice to have the option to edit all the different settings per flow?

I would love all settings to be customised on a flow by flow basis.

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Keeping the same fonts give the whole work a continuous, consistent and connected design. Changing fonts would be visually interrupting – unless handled very skilfully, to highlight particular differences between flows.

It would be nice if we could make changes to things like Casting Off and Vertical Spacing with a “Change” at points in the score, I’ll give you that.

If you really want things very different in each flow, then you are probably best off using separate documents, as you would in any other notation package, except Dorico.

Adding the page numbers to the collected PDFs is probably easiest and less error prone. You can do this with a Master Page template in Affinity Publisher (or similar), then place the PDFs as pages.

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