individual track ADM?

using ASIO Direct Monitoring with a RME HDSP Digiface. When I monitor an audio track, TotalMix routes the hardware input directly to the hardware output corresponding to my Cubase ControlRoom setup. The input signal is no more processed by Cubase.

Does Cubase “get” the input signal but doesn’t process it, or is the RME driver feeding silence to Cubase?

Is it in someway possible by TotalMix routing/settings and/or Cubase routing/settings, to process the input signal through Cubase and have the processed signal available at a Cubase output (with latency of course) at the same time when ADM an audio track?

I would like a per track ADM setting, so I can decide per track wether ADMonitored, or the track monitored through cubase.

Like -click a monitor button switches between ADM mode/ Cubase Monitoring mode when monitoring…

And how can I ADM external instrument returns?

Use a mixer.

funny guy.

I use two computers, each equipped with a RME HDSP Digiface, both connected via ADAT and MIDI I/Os
One Computer is the Master, with Cubase, the other is the slave.

I want to use “external instruments” and “external effects” in cubase. (VST-Connections)
The slave gets MIDI from the DAW, runs a plug, which sends its out through ADAT. The “external instrument” track in cubase receives from ADAT, processes it and routs it to the Cubase Master Out.

I want to ASIO direct monitor the external instrument return, so it doesn’t get processed (added latency), but routed directly to Cubases Master out.

The only way to ADM the instrument return is by using an audio track with the ADAT set as input, but then I lose the instrument track functionality and I have two tracks, one MIDI, one audio…