Individuals Out / MODX-Cubase

Is there a way to NOT send the individual outs to cubase
when the modx is connected to the DAW, but having the midi recorded with all the effects, mixing eq, superknob automation etc instead?
Can the usb cable carry all those information to the DAW?


Can you take a bit of time and post your questions in a more elaborate form?
Here and on YamahaSynth you post some very confusingly worded questions that are impossible to reply to and require a lot of questions just to understand what you actually mean.

What is “individuals out” supposed to mean?
Effects and EQ have nothing to do with MIDI, what do you mean?

digitallysane, I’m French living in the states, so excuse me but I think the efforts will have to be on both side here AND on Yamahasynth and everywhere else, or we can talk in French, that’d be better for me…but not for you.

Regardless, my question features the word “individuals” and this is coming from a Yamaha instructor, I can quote you the video where I heard that term. Anyway, individuals (to my understanding, or maybe I’m wrong) are the instruments track : guitar, keyboard, pads etc coming from the modx or montage to the DAW.

Since Yamaha came up with that confusing workflow, I wonder myself how effects and eq have nothing to do with midi because when I play the instrument (MODX), I see the midi printing on the screen (DAW) and the audio from that midi (on another audio track, still in the DAW) since the MONTAGE/MODX usb cable carries midi and audio.

What’s more confusing is, regarding what local control you decide to check off on the modx and montage, when you playback or print that midi event to audio or even when you play it originally on the instrument (phisically running your hands on the keyboard) what you hear is a DRY sound: no effects, no nothing. Which is not normal.

So my question was: what configuration I need to setup on the modx-DAW combination, so that at the end I get exactly the effects, automation, etc that I’m supposed to hear.

It’s like Like when you run a vst, you got a reverb/delay/echo button in the vst’s UI but what you see printing on the DAW is a midi event way before you decide to bounce it to audio. So why those vst manufacturers put effects in the VSTs UI if effects got nothing to do with midi? (That’s what you said)

To better understand a question you got to ask a question to make sure you understand and not blame the bearer of the question.

And I’ll be persistent until I get the answer or solution to my problem, Here or on every other forum I fancy please. Because those keyboards aren’t cheap. And I sound as confusing as the MODX manual.

Thanks a lot.

Those are called Parts everywhere in the docs and in instructional materials from Yamaha.

It’s not confusing but being powerful and flexible, you need to take your time and read the docs.
And as it was told to you on the Yamaha forum, you need to put your knowledge in order and understand what and how MIDI works and relates to audio in the studio.
It will be then clear that effects and EQ are not related to MIDI.

If some Parts are routed through different AUDIO channels than the Main Out of the MODX, they won’t have the Master FX section applied, only the inserts.

Once again, you need to learn what MIDI is and how it works in the bigger scheme of things.
The effects in the VST have nothing to do with MIDI, they are applied to the sound the VST generates.

You’ll be more succesful reading some books in the topic of music production and understanding the medium.
Also, reading the good docs on the Yamaha Synth website, where a lot of this stuff is explained in detail.

I disagree, we go into the semantics of things.

I’m not a midi expert and I don’t want to be a midi expert. I don’t want to go to college or read books to know who invented midi and the calculation and formulas of midi. Engineers do that, I’m not an engineer.

“Individuals out” is a term coming from a Yamaha instructor and I think it was Blake Angelios who said that in a Yamaha video.

this is the part in your answer who interested me the most

If some Parts are routed through different AUDIO channels than the Main Out of the MODX, they won’t have the Master FX section applied, only the inserts.

this and the MODX article series doc so thank you.

For the rest, I don’t have time or interest in learning or going to cinder block books that show me MIDI. I rather give money to an engineer who explains it to me like a 5-year-old or fix my issue.

Honorable stance.

Sounds appropriate.

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