Inertia Scrolling necessary??

I’ve been working on a bigger project and noticed that as soon as there are lots of regions and many edits & fades within those regions, the app gets really laggy, very quickly. (graphic wise - audio is fine)

Especially the Inertia scrolling gets so slow that it works against you at times.
If you are on a high zoom factor, and you try e.g. to pull a handle, then oftentimes the inertia scrolling will make the screen jump around and make you pull that handle in the wrong direction etc.
You alway have to wait for the scrolling first before you can make an edit.

The app seems to have trouble to draw all those waveforms. so maybe on a close zoom level, just deactivate the inertia scrolling. It would be a lot easier to navigate then.

Other solutions could be:

  1. Having track folders, so the amount of waveforms that have to be drawn simultaneously could be reduced in big projects.
  2. Allow glueing of Audio Regions. (The more cuts, edits, and small pieces of Audio, the slower the app becomes - it happens really very quickly)

I could attach a test project if this is necesarry.
I’m testing on Ipad 3 btw.

i noticed this too.Quite annoying but the folder idea is neat.That’s exactly how i work in Logic.Doing a lot of smaller edits on one track and putting everything in one folder then for better handling.Not necessary to have a waveform view on that track again.