Inexplicable difference between full score and part

I’m loving Dorico 4 so far, but I’ve just spotted a peculiar thing in my current project. I’m producing a percussion score for a symphony, so I have a full score layout (which has the three percussion players plus staves used to insert cues where required), and the part which just has the percussion players. Whilst proofreading, I spotted that the side drum, in one bar, seemed to have the wrong number of grace notes in the part. On checking the full score, the correct number of grace notes are there. Can anyone give a valid explanation why this should be? Here are screen grabs of the bar in question - the white background is from the full score, the cream background is from the part.

Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 10.24.46

That’s really odd. Can you post a cutdown version of the project that still shows the problem?

Cutdown Bax Symphony No.6.dorico (944.6 KB)
Here is a cutdown version with just the first section in it. The errant bar is bar 65 (three before rehearsal figure 8).

It looks good in Dorico 3.5, but faulty in Dorico 4

Interesting - on my computer, it is wrong even in Dorico 3.5

You have horizontal spacing overrides applied. That’s the reason. Select the red squares and press delete: the notes reappear.


Thank you, Lucas. I think I was having trouble squeezing in the dynamics/hairpin under the grace notes so may have adjusted them, but I’d forgotten. All sorted now!

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