Inexplicably lost al lvolume

I want to thank David for the advice and help given me on getting past my first immediate hurdles. Now I am working a llittle steadier with Dorico, but tonight, for some reason, when attempting to play back the score, there’s been a total loss of volume on the playback… where it automatically sounded, originally, now it’s mute. IS there some selection I can make on the menus that will bring it back? And where do I find that?
Also, I noticed, while I had previously been able to set up the correct sound for my tympani stave, for some reason, working on the lower string staves, they happen to sound as tympani, not cellos and bass. How can I fix all these issues?

We have a known issue where under certain circumstances a project doesn’t sound anymore (and a fix is waiting to be released with the next Dorico update).
In order to check that you also ran into this issue, is it possible that you attach your project file here, so that I can analyze the data? If it is too sensitive, you could also send it via e-mail to “u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de”.

When attaching something to a posting here in the forum, you first need to zip up the file, otherwise it will get refused.

Try pressing the mute and solo reset buttons on the top row of the mixer window. If that doesn’t work then choosing Apply Default Template in the Play menu will sort out most problems.

I did use the apply default template, and that didn’t work.
Where are the reset buttons on the mixer?

The M and S buttons on the top strip of the mixer window.

Msurrealist sent me the project file via e-mail, and as already suspected, it is the known issue of missing port map info.
I’ve sent him a modified version and he shall have sound by now.

The file worked -after I reapplied the template- exactly once. I saved it, closed it, and when I reopened it, all volume is gone - AGAIN. When It played, it also played WITHOUT the drum part, for whatever reason, although it was nice to hear the bottom of the string section properly. Is this something which is going to keep recurring? I can resend the project…

I’ve been in direct contact with msurrealist and it is sorted now. He does get sound now even after saving/closing and reopening the project.

Well here now a couple of weeks later, and my problem is back. I just added the Steinberg UR-12 audio interface, and listened to the playback through just once last night. I really like it! I have been able to get a bit more of my score copied in the meanwhile, and the new interface makes it sound righteously beautiful. HOWEVER, when I attempted to play it back, again, this morning, not having changed ANYTHING as to the audio device playback setup, once again- no sound. The Interface works fine through my new speakers with anything else going through the computer, its seems, but Dorica, nada. This does seem to be the “port recognition issue.” _I emailed Ulf again as to this. Hopefully we can resolve it very soon once more.