Infinite error dialog message when undoing automation data


I am experiencing a bug with Cubase 12. When I use the undo button ‘backwards arrow top left of edit window’,

I get a glitch where the error box which says ‘when undoing this step, all associated automation data will be lost cubase’ pops up an infinite number of times and I cannot seem to cancel the box. When I do it simply opens another one continuously.

OS 12.6.1.
Cubase 12.0.60



Add the proper title to your post, please.

What is the step you undo, please? What is the latest entry in the History, please?

Hey I’m having this issue as well. It’s 100% reproducible for me. It’s easily reproducible from scratch. Check out the attached video. I started from a new session, and the only thing I did before I started recording this video was to create some plugin automation.

I’m glad to see that other Cubase users are having this issue, because I was worried this issue might be on our end.

Hi @Jeremy_Bell @harry_179 and thanks for your report. This has been fixed in C13 and C12.0.70